Strength of an element can often decide if the element itself is actually functional or its just a crippling factor to your chart. This is not to be confuse with your DayMaster being Strong or Weak. Each individual element in the chart draw strength from each other depending on their configuration and the stronger stable the element the better they are at performing their required task. This is when you have the element all together in the same pillar. Fire on fire, Water on water, Wood on wood, Metal on metal and Earth on earth.

Pure elements are always the best as they are not muddle with impurity, they are clear of their functionality. Next is when your element is not located in the same pillar but across 2 different pillar and yet both are the main Qi. We often call this as a rooted element as the heaven stem has a corresponding earthly branch as the root.

Connection can be between any of the pillar Year, Month, Day, Hour and even your luck and annual.

Bazi: Industry Based Career

This one is when the connection is between the stem and a sub Qi. Its not as exciting as the above 2 main Qi connection as sub-Qi itself is already not that strong but then again the appearance of a heaven element act as a support to the sub Qi. Think of it as a hand pulling you up from the water when you are about to drown.

Needless to say that connecting on the same pillar offer better strength than a cross pillar connection. Here you have element only appearing in the branch without any heaven stem connection. There is an opportunity factor here where an appearing stem from luck or annual will bring the talent out.

This is call a good first impression but might become a hollow ending. The element might not be able to perform as there is no branch support. We describe this as people with superficial ability NoActionTalkOnly.

This is easy enough, that the element is completely void from your chart. Since its not there, its of no concern. A blind person will never know colour and will not miss colour as they have never seen it. In this situation, Ding fire element only appear in the Xu as a sub Qi. This lone ranger element is particularly troublesome.

Its not useful and yet its still there. Its like carrying a family history out on the street. If you see 2 charts and one is clearly performing better when given same situation, the strength of the element might be the reason. Its important that you check the element strength before recommending the usage. Each has its Achilles heels and some are worse than other. Hi Master Kevin, how about geng in heaven stem and have no other gengs except in the sub qi of snake branchand the chart has strong earth elements is geng considered strong in this case?

Then need to see if the weak root is clash and the quality of water and fire since both will drain metal. Just curious, can Wu Earth appearing in HS be considered as being rooted in a different polarity instead? Combine is combine, clash is clash … why are they mix together? Just because you buy a new car combine does it means it cannot be in accident clash? Kevin how can you tell if something is good or bad for DM? No such thing as good or bad.BaZi Analysis Singapore — There are five elements in BaZi analysis and can be analyzed through growing cycle, weakening cycle and countering cycle.

Subsequently, you will find it out very easy. Among the five elements, Metal is the only element that can transform from solid to liquid or water when metal is burned.

While it is cold, it will attracts water to condensate on top of its surface. This is the most straight forward growing relationship that we can find in our natural life. All plants need water to grow. Weakening, by the name, we know that it makes the strong elements become weak, to turn the weak elements to become exhausted. This is akin to a mother after delivering a baby. The whole body system is weakened by giving birth to a new life.

In summary, the weakening relationship is reversed from the growing relationship. We know that if metal is attached with water for a long time, its will be rusted. This is the effect of water weakens the metal by corrosion. When we extract a huge amount of minerals or metals from our mother earth, all the soils or stones will be collapsed.

This is also the phenomena of weakening the earth. When the fire is burning and if we do not clear the earth or ashes surrounding, you will notice that the ashes start to decline the burning by blocking the oxygen to react with it.

After absorbing by wood, the quantity of water is getting lesser. This can be observed from the suction process of wood when it is soaked in water. Sometime, the effect of countering is fiercer than the weakening effect. When it is taking place, pain will be endured. It is just like being beaten by someone who is physically stronger than you. You will feel the pain and you will know that it is very difficult to out beat them.

Hammer and saw are designed for cutting the wood. This is the classic example of countering we noticed in our nature. When wood grows from earth, the soil will be loosen. The growth of the root can force the stone to break.

This will make the earth uneasy. Water is formless in nature.In business feng shui, your brand, logo and colour scheme can be classify under 5 elements.

bazi element

One can use this 5 element formula to complement your office fengshui. The 5 elements are wood, water, metal, earth and fire. Business feng shui can apply the 5 element formula through corporate identity design such as the colour to use for uniform, logo, masthead, letterhead etc. The chinese classical art and science of feng shui has numerous applications in business — all focused on creating a better quality energy to order to improve revenue and profitability of a Company.

Besides matching the type of business that a Company is in, the Corporate Identity communication package must be compatible with the bazi favourable elements of the business owners running the show. Besides the Logo, business feng shui also look into aspects of marketing and promotion materials such as business cards, billboards, signages, press releases, flyers and other business marketing materials.

Feng shui can even be applied to the design of a web portal, as it is all about the expression of the energy of a business, its corporate image, positioning, identity and goals. Before we look into the business logo guidelines, be sure to find out the main feng shui element of your business, as this is a helpful starting point in the design of your business logo.

You can look at this link about feng shui five elements and business industry type as a start. Business fengshui 5 elements by industry, businesses or professions. Art and craft related, psychologist, artist, graphic designer, computer and computer related industries, electronics, mobile phones, beautician, cosmetics, fuel, singer, dancer, movie celebrities, aromatherapy, plastic, hot beverages cafe, cooking, electric engineering, energy, firework, food processing, gas or oil company, petroleum, chemistry, therma, multimedia, printing, liquor, laser, lighting, movie production, photography, semi-conductor and anything that utilises light or heat, or uses objects to create light or heat.

Financial, banks, insurance, gold, machining, mining, car maker, key, hardware, glass, accountancy, auditor, military, police, security, debt collector, pawn shop, engineering, moulding, hardware shops, mechanical engineering, hardware stalls, metal, military, army personnel, work that depends on metal or related to financial accounting.

Cultural profession, novelist, writer but not blog cos blog is more to fire related via internetjournalist, librarian, educator, teacher, professor, relating to the educational business, publisher, carpentry, botanist, florist, plantation, greeneries, paper, doctor, timber, wood furniture, textile, stationery, cultural publications, writer, civil servant, health care products, nurse, doctor, library, fabric, curtains, cloth, bookshop, gardening, office supplies.

There are 5 main categories to classify a business industry, however some industries do overlap and stretch across 2 different elements. These guidelines are based on essential feng shui principles such as the five element theory, the yin-yang theory and the harmonious combination of various elements in order to best express specific energies.

Feng shui-wise, each color represents a specific feng shui element and it is chosen with care. Feng Shui 5 Element Colours, Shape, font, graphics and symbolism. Color is followed by the choice of specific shapes, as shapes are also expressions of the five feng shui elements. Used these in your marketing, public relation materials like signs, logos, font which is a powerful imagery based on business feng shui perspective. Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd. Business 5 elements. Business Feng Shui 5 elements In business feng shui, your brand, logo and colour scheme can be classify under 5 elements.

Business feng shui can apply the 5 element formula through corporate identity design such as the colour to use for uniform, logo, masthead, letterhead etc The chinese classical art and science of feng shui has numerous applications in business — all focused on creating a better quality energy to order to improve revenue and profitability of a Company.

Business feng shui corporate identity Besides matching the type of business that a Company is in, the Corporate Identity communication package must be compatible with the bazi favourable elements of the business owners running the show.What is Nature?

According to the Oxford dictionary, Nature means physical power causing all material phenomena. And how is Bazi related to Nature?

bazi element

In this case, we have to go back to ancient times where Classical Bazi was founded years ago in China. During those times, of course life was very simple and it only revolved around nature, nothing else. Ancient people used the natural resources nature had to offer during different seasons as a means of survival.

And that is how Classical Bazi was founded. It is about how seasons affect nature, based on the 10 types of Nature which comprised of 5 Elements and their Yin and Yang aspect, and their interactions. Let us talk about Nature in relation to the 5 Elements. Water is needed to grow the environment with the help of the sun.

Without the sun, cold water cannot grow the environment. As we all know, Obama just won the presidential election again. What makes Obama win and not Romney? As the President of the United States, the person heralds great authority, status and position.

Hence, we shall evaluate the quality of the Power stars, i. Hence his wife is of great help to him and a significant supporter.

His other noble element is Jia Wood his Direct Officer star and it is located at his Hour Pillar, indicating his career is good which can give him power and status. Though Jia sitting on Wu is overall not an excellent pillar, it is nevertheless also not a poor pillar either, because Wood no matter what still needs Earth to be around for support.

This is being translated into the Day Master using his intelligence to control his power, as both stars are equally strong and of good quality, having roots respectively.

This is the pillar of intelligence with power, having his 7 Killing star firmly rooted. He is currently entering into a Geng Yin Pillar, where he again won the presidential election the second time around. Once he entered this pillar, his Jia Wood Direct Officer star in his chart is being rooted and strong, giving him a strong foundation to hold on to his power.

Hence, we can say that this pillar is in fact great for him, as compared to Xin Mao pillar. This pillar will bring him great glory and much influence. Unlike Obama whose noble elements are very close to him, Romney has no noble element in his Hour Pillar, his career palace. Direct Officer does not want to see Hurting Officer next to him as this compromised the quality of the Direct Officer, making it questionable. So, this may indicate potentiality for Romney to win as his power element is strong in this pillar as well.

Of course, in both charts, there are interactions of control, clash and combination going on in the luck pillar, and we will not go into details and elaborate on those. Suffice to say, it is more likely the Noble Elements of the Power star determines the winner. They show enthusiasm in whatever they do.The Zi Ping Bazi astrology is based on the understanding of the Five Elements and their mutual interactions. By understanding the relationships between the Five Elements, we can predict events and situations in the life of an individual.

It is necessary to emphasize the meaning of the Five Elements. They represent the five elementary phases of natural energy, not physical elements. Wood represents the energy of growing, and not a wood chair or closet as someone anticipates. There are five planets moving in the vicinity of Earth. They are visible with the unaided eye. These five planets represent five elementary energies that create our Destiny and Happiness.

These planets are:. Ancient wise men understood that the five elementary phases of natural energy have their sources in the twenty-eight constellations, while the five planets are their transformer station that condenses their subtle energy, before it gets to Earth and our lives.

We have five organs in our bodies liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneyswhich are the collectors and transformers of the five natural energies. Man is the child of Nature. This means that the natural forces that move planets and the universe are identical to the forces that manage and support our lives. Man is Nature and Nature is Man. Through the observation of nature and their own being, ancient wise men have recognized that everything happens through the five elementary phases of natural energy.

The Zi Ping Bazi astrology, Feng Shui and Chinese traditional medicine are all based on the understanding of Nature and the five phases of natural energy. The Zi Ping Bazi astrology uses the five elementary phases of energy to describe all areas of life:. The five elementary phases support each other and slow each other down. This way, the universe keeps everything in balance. Through the Zi Ping Bazi astrology, we can find out which element provides us with financial success.

For example, if you need Water as an element to achieve financial success, you can predict the time of arrival of this element using the BaziWay calculator and take advantage of this time for commercial efforts. The Zi Ping Bazi astrology gives us insight into the best time for opportunities to earn money. The element of Water weakens the element of Metal and at the same time supports the element of Wood.

Therefore, Water brings a Wood person reinforcement, safety, peace and support and at the same time it weakens the strong Metal element. For the person, this means less stress from the boss or job. The five elementary phases are priceless as they help us to exceed limitations, fears and weaknesses, because they appear within each event.

How to use the BaziWay calculator? The BaziWay calculator will recognize you and offer you your most favorable days. Days of the highest quality only have favorable stars.

For example, three days in May. Confirm the purchase of selected days to get the complete information regarding the use of a certain favorable day. You will get information on which one of the twelve officers governs a favorable day, so you can easily make an effective strategy choosing the appropriate action or behavioral pattern of how you must act in order to achieve the desired result. Certain behavior anger, grudge… awakens negative stars. Feng Shui activation or house acupuncture stimulates favorable energies that are bound to a space at a given time.Get your free personalized destiny Ba Zi reading!

What is a habit? A habit can be defined as something we repeatedly do until it becomes our behavior. It is the interrelationship of knowledge, skill and desire.

Whether the habit is positive or negative depends on what it can do for us. In Chinese Astrology or Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zia person is given a set of natal pillars which comprises the 5 basic elements of the universe.

These elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Our existences on earth are governed by these elements. By the interaction of these elements in a productive, controlling or exhaustive cycle, our destiny takes root.

Our characteristics, attributes, and behaviors are brought about by one of these elemental interplays within our natal chart. One aspect of destiny that we can change is our habit which invariably influences our behavior. This is where an analysis of our natal chart based on the 5 elements can help us decipher which habit will determine our behavior and ultimately our destiny.

In the context of self improvement, one management guru that stands out is Dr. Stephen R. In short, he teaches us how to live a productive and fulfilling life. Using Chinese Astrology, we can analyze how these habits are influenced by the elements in our natal chart.

We always have choices in our life. What we make of ourselves, depend on the choices we take. Whether we live from hand to mouth or live off the fat of the land is ultimately up to us. In Chinese Astrology, it has to do with our self element, the element that the self produces and the element that self conquers.

If your self element is wood, then the element that self produces is fire and the element that self conquers is earth. We should have goals in our life. Goals give us direction and take us where we want to go. It is being proactive in the fulfillment of our destiny.

In Chinese Astrology, it is the element that produces self. If your self element is fire, then the element that produces self is wood. We should have a plan to achieve our goals. A plan will help to take us to our destination. We need to be disciplined and to prioritize which actions come first and which to take in order to get there fastest.

In Chinese Astrology, it is the element that conquers self and the element that self produces. If your self element is earth, then the element that conquers self is wood and the element that self produces is metal. We should seek cooperation that is mutually beneficial. By having such interaction with one another, everybody wins and no one is made to be a loser.

2020 Chinese Five Element Astrology - Zodiac Year of the White Rat

In this way, an agreement will last the test of time since everybody is satisfied and will stay committed. In Chinese Astrology, it has to do with the self element, the element that produces self and the element that conquers self. If your self element is metal, then the element that produces self is earth and the element that conquers self is fire.These 5 elements represents 5 fundamental forces or energy which are governed by the Circle of Birth and destruction which are believed to regulate all motion and activity in the universe.

The cycle of birth: metal generates water, water produces wood, wood generates fire, fire produces earth, earth generates metal. By understanding the rules governing the relationship between the 5 elements, we can get a deeper insight into the order of the universe and predict destiny. There are 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches and each of them symbolize an element.

Chinese Bazi Calculator(八字)

Before we can put the 5 basic elements to predict destiny, we must also know the seasonal aspects of the 5 elements. As nature on earth changes according to the 4 seasons, the prosperity and strength of elements also change with this natural cycle.

Spring is the prosperous season for wood as all plants prosper in spring. Summer is associated with sun and fire and this is the time fire is considered most prosperous.

In winter, water is considered strongest element because it is associated with ice and snow. The fifth element, earth is regarded as neutral and so its presence is felt throughout the year and particularly strong during last month of each season. Please click here and like Digidentz at Facebook. Hi Uncle Bazi, I am curious about my own chart but i do not know how to read.

I try using the bazi calculator online to calculator my bazi but in the end i do not know how to read. Would like to check if you can help me interpret?

Just to let you know that I do provide personalized Bazi Report services at a fee. If you are interested, please email to me at unclebazi digidentz.

bazi element

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